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the grossest week ever

So far our Thailand trip has been a little on the traumatic side.
On Thursday morning around 3:30 AM Jonas woke up vomiting and vomiting and vomiting. My mom is here visiting us to provide childcare for Jonas while we are taking our master's classes. I told her to take Jonas to the doctor so they got ready and told the front desk at the hotel to call a taxi. I went on to school. My mom said that instead of a taxi they ended up calling an AMBULANCE which was traumatic for my mom, although it was free.
So they went to the hospital via the emergency room. I went to my husband's hotel room to tell him about Jonas being sick only to find that he is also vomiting and has "the runs". So, he is no help to me during the ordeal, and I can't really help him because I don't have time. I joined my mom and Jonas around 10:30 A.M, having left my class during breaktime. Just so I could feel sorry for myself even more, I had to WALK to the hospital because I couldn't catch a ride (why does that always happen?). Anyway, when I got there Jonas had been admited to the hospital and I went to his room where he was sleeping with an IV in his foot. My mom was crying. They said he had food poisoning and they wanted to watch him overnight.
I went back out of the hospital and WALKED to the mall to get my mom some lunch, brought it back and walked back to school for the 1 o'clock class. After class I walked back to the hospital and stayed there overnight with Jonas.
My mom went back to the hotel so she could actually get some rest to have energy to care for Jonas the next day.
During the night Jonas woke up at about 2 am with a HUGE amount of diareah that went everywhere even though he was wearing a diaper. That was really scary to see that much stuff comming out of his little 21 pound body. I called the nurse and we cleaned up the bed and cleaned him off and gave him some medicine and he went back to sleep around 5. I was laying in the hospital bed with him because I thought the crib was too narrow and he might thrash around and wake himself up. Next thing I know my mom is shaking my foot and it s 6:15, so I get ready and walk back to school.
Thankfully he is released around noon so I went back to the hospital during my lunch break and got he and mom packed up and took them back to their hotel via big-red-truck taxi. Then I went back to school (pretty tired at this point).
That night I spent the night with my mom and Jonas in their hotel room. Jonas went to sleep around 9 and woke up about 10 vomiting. I gave him some medicine and got him back to sleep. At this point my mom is also having "the runs" and eventually starts vomiting. All night. Then Jonas wakes up again around 3 am with another diareah erruption that is gross and scary. An hour or 2 later, I join in on the fun with some puking and the runs.
On Saturday, after a very rough night, we all drag ourselves to a non-refundable "Elephant Show" that we paid for earlier in the week. Jonas liked it alot althoughy my mom and I were in a sorry state. He loves loves loves elephants. We bought him a souvineer t-shirt and he has been pointing to the elephants today and making his elephant sound.
We came back from the elephant show and all took a 2 hour nap (Jonas, me, my mom, and Nick). Nick felt healthy by this point so he took Jonas out to play and sightsee while my mom and I rested and worked on homework. Later that afternoon my mom started back up with the puking. We left her alone in her hotel room overnight and Nick and Jonas and I slept in our own hotel room. She slept from about 6pm-5am and woke up feeling better. So far, today (Sunday) has been without any gruesome pukage/poopage.

Sunday, Jan. 22, 2006 at 3:33 PM

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