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the final selection

We didn't get the disco house.
But we did find a decent sized house for only $350 per month! It has 3 bedrooms and a huge kitchen. It also has a nice sized yard with lots of fruit trees (mango, coconut, rose apples)! Also in the yard is an 8 foot tall bird cage with a talking myna bird. He speaks Lao though so I'm not always sure what he is saying. We will start moving in on May 15th. It is only a couple of blocks away from our current house, so I'm happy that Jonas can still play with his friends Indie and Maxim (our next door neighbors now).
Jonas and I are flying to visit my family in the states on May 30. So now all I have to do is 1) move in to my new house 2) finish my thesis 3) pray that I will survive the 24+ hours of travel with my very active toddler who has discovered the word "no".

Sounds easy enough.

Sunday, May. 07, 2006 at 8:44 PM

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