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I wonder...

I guess we are moving in a few days but we haven't really had much excitement about it. We both think that we can just not actually pack any boxes. We will just cram our stuff into various containers, dump the container out at the new house, and return to the old house with the empty container for refilling. Yeah, I know it sounds ridiculous, but we are only moving like 3 "blocks" away (if a village has blocks), plus I wouldn't even know where to go buy cardboard moving boxes in Laos. Do you know? I'm pretty sure they probably don't exist. Especially in the rainy season everything would be all mouldy and flimsy.
In other news, my husband and I keep telling each other that we REALLY need to get to work on our thesis stuff now (my 2 hours per day, 5 days per week thing fizzled out after our vacation to China). No, seriously. I really need to get to work now. For real.
Jonas and I are going to visit my family in America at the end of this month. Having that in my mind is making it difficult to focus on life in the present right now. I don't do well with anticipation, I think. It drives me crazy. I think that is why I got engaged after only 6 months of knowing Nick. Being pregnant almost made me go crazy because waiting for the baby to be born could not be rushed. It helped a little when I found out the gender. But as for life in general...I think about the future ALL THE TIME. Maybe something is wrong with me. I'm pretty happy in my current situation, but I am always wondering what the next "thing" will be. Where will I travel next? What job will I try to get next? What degree will I try to earn next? (by the way, I am currently researching PhD. options. I want to be Professor Dr. Can Can). When will I have another baby? How many kids will I have? How long will we live in Laos? What other countries will we live in?
I pray for contentment.
But I'm not even discontent...I'm just...curious.
I like monkeys.
One of many cute things Jonas did today: He was playing very busily with some of Nick's (real) wrenches, putting them in the basket of his little tricycle, and he dropped one on his toe. Nick tried to comfort him but he walked over to me and wanted me to kiss it. The second I kissed he LAUGHED outloud and was instantly cured. That was my "Best Mama Moment" of the day.

Thursday, May. 11, 2006 at 10:18 PM

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