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I saw "beetle nut granny" again yesterday. I was on my way out the door and she came on the poarch and asked if I wanted to leave Jonas with her while I went somewhere. Who knows, maybe one day they will be great friends. Already I hear strangers call out his name when I walk with him down the street. It sounds like "JOE-NAT!".
"S" is a difficult final consonant for Lao speakers. That is why people call me either "Can-dix", "Kin-Deee", or "Can-dit". I actually introduce myself as "Kin-Deee" in some circles, because it allows me to skip the step of getting a confused look when I tell them my actual name.
Jonas didn't sleep through the night last night. Yesterday was a bad day. I guess it was time for a bad day, because the one previous was good. He cried the whole day and I had to give him some Hyland's Teething Tablets before bed. He still woke up like 3 times.
On the bright side, he is starting to be able to entertain himself for minutes on end, now that he can sit up pretty good and also crawl. Today I took him outside for a photo session. I even let him crawl around on the poarch. His hands and knees got black. He had fun exploring a coconut that the landlady left on our poarch.
Here he is in the landlady's yard on a quilt made by my friend Leah. I can't believe one of my friends is talented enough to make quilts:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Also, I got a package in the mail today from my Aunt. It had a new outfit for Jonas:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Friday, May. 20, 2005 at 8:13 PM

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