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freaky phantom granny

On Monday I had a new experience.
At approximately 7:50 a.m. I went outside to hang laundry and at the same time was holding Jonas, who was completely naked, by the way, because I figure he needs to air out sometimes and it doesn't matter if he pee's on stuff outside. Anyway, I came back in and there was this skinny old Lao granny standing in the middle of my house looking at us. She was chewing beetlenuts so her mouth looked all gross and her teeth were black. She showed excitement upon seeing a white baby so she started talking to him like all people do around here (at this point I was thinking that maybe she was a relative of the maid, who had not yet arrived) and then she grabbed his weiner and commented on how he wasn't crying. (it might sound weird but it is actually acceptable to grab babys' genitals here, and also in Vietnam) I agreed and then started doing something else and before I knew it she was gone.
I have no idea who she was. I saw her later that night in someone else's yard trying to get mangoes off of their mango tree. Then I saw her again today standing on a street randomly.

Tuesday, May. 17, 2005 at 8:24 PM

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