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1st ultrasound

I am dreading grading my mid term exams, and then I have to write the final! Everything is happening so fast!

Please forgive me, the rest of this entry is about 'the baby.' You have been warned.

Today was an exciting day, because we went to the hospital for the first ultrasound! They said that judging from the baby's size, the estimated due date is October 27th. It was really neat to see the baby's arms, legs, spine, heart, stomach...everything seems perfectly formed. The pictures that printed out are not easy to see, but it was really clear up on the screen. They also said that they can't be sure yet, but it looks like it is probably a boy. We will go back in 4 weeks and then they will be sure. And, I got all of this for the low price of $13.75. Plus the doctor vist made it about $20. I tell you, something is wrong with American health care. Why does everything cost an arm and a leg over there?

Also, we checked the PO Box and received 2 packages from home with maternity clothes in them. I like the cute clothes but I'm not big enough to wear them yet. I think the baby is very high and very far back so it doesn't stick out much at all. Plus all of my pants fall around my hips, and there is no change there yet. Although, I can tell my school teaching skirts (which I wear at waist level) are starting to get stretched.

Then we had more excitement when we got home, because while we were gone, the landlady put up curtains in our house without telling us. Woo-woo, curtains are exciting! (have I sunk to a new low?)


Saturday, May. 15, 2004 at 9:18 PM

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