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For homework today I assigned my class the task of reminding me on Monday, May 24th that my husband's birthday is on Tuesday, May 25th. I hope they don't forget. We are really busy the next two weekends, and our anniversary (4th year, can you believe it?) is on May 27th, so I am afraid that in the jumble of activity that is my recent life, I will forget to make the cake. Even though my mom sent me Scooby-Doo decorations strait from America. I had to fight the ants for them.

Ants are a problem right now because it is the rainy season. They come inside because they don't want to be rained on, like most animals. I have had at least 3 gross encouters with a large black moving mass of ants. It gives me the creeps, and also nightmares. And then there is the continual feeling that SOMETHING IS ON ME! Sometimes, there really is something on me. I hate that gross feeling of an ant crawling in my arm hair.

I try different extermination techniques, such as 1) this special 'poisonous chalk'. You mark it on the ground and when they crawl through it, their nervous system is destroyed. It is pretty fun to watch. 2) poisonous sugary granules, which they carry back to the nest, which in turn should theoretically kill the entire colony. 3) search and destroy, using aerosol spray. This method is more time consuming, but when I find a black mass like that I just have to take immediate action. Ick.

Someone told me that ants make up something like 10% of the Earth's biomass. That is disgusting.



Friday, May. 21, 2004 at 4:41 PM

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