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I did something right today in the classroom. I don’t know what it was, but the kids were really laid back and easy today, and they decided to be in love with me and reward me handsomely with large stickers.

The above picture represents just one of my four classes’ offerings. I was thinking how a sticker is a pretty awesome gift from their point of view. They hope that I will give them stickers, so I guess they probably think I get all excited when they give me one. Actually, I do, but I get excited more over the symbolism than the actual sticker. I also received one piece of paper torn out of a notebook, a bracelet made out of a one of the cartons that their snack yogurt comes in, two pieces of candy, and two snoopy figurines. And yesterday I was force-fed a vitamin. Note to self: don’t do the “open your mouth and close your eyes” thing anymore, no matter how much I trust that particular student.

A plague of flies is beginning to descend upon our campus. There are several fly swatters in each classroom, and the principal has instructed the students to kill all of the flies, because they carry the SARS virus. I’m not sure if that is factual or not, but it has only resulted in the children being terrified of flies. They go nuts every time they happen to notice one, which is every few seconds. I have to come to the rescue, swatter in hand. I have become quite a good shot. Today I got 7 in one spree. It wins me even more admiration from the students. But really I think that it is all quite ridiculous, to get the kids worked up like that about the flies. It ticks me off when the flies begin to mate. It just seems insulting somehow, and it makes me want to kill them. The flies, that is. I’m quite a gentle person, honest.

We celebrated another American teacher's birthday today by playing ulitmate frisbee on a new soccer field that we now have on campus. It was my first experience playing on Astro turf (artificial grass). I don't like it. It makes me nervous. At least with grass, you aren't as likely to bleed if you fall down. Playing on Astro turf is just asking for it.


Wednesday, May. 28, 2003 at 9:06 PM

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