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Ever since I got back from Belize I have had what one might call an obsession with cleanliness. My mother-in-law took me shopping. What was the only store I mentioned to her by name? Bath and Body Works. What did we buy? Shampoo and anti-bacterial hand gel. What did I ask for and receive for an anniversary present? A Burt's Bees kit with a different soap for pretty much every part of your body. What is wrong with me? Am I going to turn into a Howie Mandell-esque germophobe?

I also have a greater appreciation for clothes. Maybe it stems from having worn only 3 different sets of clothes every day for 104 days. Maybe. But I have never really been that much into fashion before. And suddenly, I find myself excited about some khaki-colored skinny-pants my mom bought for me at T.J. Maxx. What gives?

I have so much to do. Everyone in the world wants to visit with me "one last time" before I leave. And I want to visit with them. Time is not on my side.

I had a good few days hanging with the in-laws in Chatty Bomp Bomp if anyone is wondering.

Jen Jen I got my team info. This one guy on my summer team was born in 1933. Holy Great Depression!


Thursday, Jun. 13, 2002 at 10:15 PM

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