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hooray for highschool?

Well, sport fans, my brother Chip is an official High School graduate now. It was hard sitting through the ceremony. It was at a nearby college in a noisy auditorium. They don't pick just one Valedictorion any more, they have "honor graduates"... anyone with a 4.0 or highter. There were like 15 and they all got to make speeches and they all wanted to say something brilliant and leave an impact on our lives forever. And they had 2 minutes to do it in. Talk about boring! Most of them were all new age like "only please yourself, you are the only one who matters, do what makes YOU happy..." and "you can do anything if you only believe in yourself". Yeah great lesson there. What ev.

I went to Montevallo yesterday and ate lunch with my old Business Affairs worker pals, they took me out to the courtyard cafe. It was okay but the waitresss was like a wierdo. You know how waitresses don't usually listen to your conversation? It is like an unwriten rule. Well, one time she actually said "What are ya'll talking about?" Uh, excuse me? Haha! One of the girls I was eating with said that the same waitess had called her roomate after she had dined there and paid with a check. The waitress had miscalculated the bill and said the customer/roomate owed $11 more dollars and would she please come pay it? Geesh! She got her phone number off of her check!

I also picked me up a Montevallo yearbook (its free if you were a student that year). Sadly, my picture is no where in it but i still get mentioned under "not pictured." Wow, its like i'm almost famous! Not like that gross movie though. *shudder*

It is the last day of May, so get crazy while you can.

God told Noah to build him an arky, arky. God told Noah to build him an arky, arky; "Make it out of Gopher barky, barky!" Children of the Lord.

--Song I did not enjoy singing in Belize.


Friday, May. 31, 2002 at 7:44 AM

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