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meager update

It doesn't seem like it has been all that long since I last updated. Maybe because I have been reading everybody else's diary with regularity and they have been updating so nicely.

I have had a flurry of activity since the last update; a 4 day beach trip with my girls, a racoon attack, my brother's graduation thingy (you know, the baccalaurette or what...) the ceremony is tonite, a new laptop (yay), our 2 year wedding anniversary, Nick's 25th b'day, lots of family visiting, the addition of the Willy Wonka DVD to my collection (extremely late birthday present for me, courtosey of Nick's mom), AIDS test results (negative), hoe down at the Lu Lu residence for memorial celebrations.

Bella is en route to Brasil now, off to be a nanny in a strange land. Speaking of which, i happend upon this web site recently called Aupair Care or something like that. It is CRAZY! It is for teens from other countries to come to the U.S. as Nannys, and basically be slaves for a year! What the crap! Its some sort of modern day slavery exchange program! Can such a thing exist in this day? Apparently so.


Tuesday, May. 28, 2002 at 11:52 AM

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