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This has been the longest week of my life. I had two midterms, and i still have a paper to do for tommorrow. Monday i spent the night at school instead of going home.

Yesterday lasted for a month it seemed. It started out normal, and I went to lunch at the famous Barnstormer's with my mass comm friends Jenny, Adam and Casey. We hang out all the time and we are in the 'makeout club' together, though strangely enough we have never made out with one another. Jenny is the coolest girl in the west. I remember thinking she was cool when i first knew her, but then she became a Christian and increased her coolness exponentially.

Anyway, at Barnstormer's, Adam ordered this sandwich called a "Muffelletta" or something like that. It is this huge 9 inch in diameter round sandwich piled with salami and all sorts of gross meat products. The waitress said "You aren't going to be able to eat it all." and Adam took this as a challenge. She said that if he did eat it all he would get a prize, and made up this kick-arse goodie bag that contained a cool pint glass, some halloween pencils and a pumpkin decorating kit and some bouncy balls and whistles.

Adam struggled through the muffellotamous and was really holding his own for a while, but then decided to take the cowards way out and hid a piece of the 'letta in Casey's to go box. Casey cut out early under the pretense of having to go to class, and Adam ate the remaining pieces. SO it appeared to the waitress that he ate it ALL, and he got the goodies. She told him to bring in a picture to hang up because he is the first one to finish a muffelleta in one sitting. He is the muffaluffagus. I should turn him in. ADAM! YOU LIAR!!

some lemon pie!


Thursday, Oct. 18, 2001 at 1:17 PM

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