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Recycle your friends

The crazy thing about getting older is, almost everyone you meet reminds you of someone else who you already know. Its like the same people keep getting recycled over and over into your life.

Take my makeout club for instance...Jenny...no one else reminds me of Jenny, but i have known her for like 3 years, starting when i was still a young whipper snapper, so she doesn't count for this theory.

Adam, i swear everything he does reminds me of either 1) my younger brother or 2) this guy i dated freshman year of college named Jason Rose. Look at this:

Chip: understands my sense of humor, shaves his pits and chest, wears abercrombie and fitch like it is the only brand available, has a small black truck and a blonde girlfriend.

Jason: drives small black fiero, likes big toys like four wheelers, tried to convince me that having been with 15 girls was 'not that many', looks strikingly similar to this Adam kid, only with black hair, called me derrogatory names for fun, was a veritable fountain of gay innuendo's toward his male acquaintances, hailed from a small town in Alabama.

Adam: all of the above, only his small black car is a 'stang.

Weird huh?

Now how about this Casey guy, this is the most uncomforatable part of all: Casey is just like a hybrid of ME and Abe Lincoln. How about them apples? Its like this: we have all of the same favorite movies, and we purchased the Simpson's first season on DVD at the same time, we BOTH talk in the 'retainer voice' as a defense mechanism, and had/have roomate woes that involve pets. And we even said 'later tater' at the exact same time which was extremely unsettling. He even tackled my leg during a study session, which shows that he is privvy to my love of back yard wrestling. He doesn't know that I am the champion of the 'mud' variety. I have video footage to prove it, thanks to your friend and mine, Reed.

The clincher is that I love Abe Lincoln, and Casey has the Abe Lincoln beard, which i would for sure be sporting if i wasn't a female.

Spooky, isn't it?

i'll stop the world and melt with you


Monday, Oct. 22, 2001 at 2:25 PM

* m a y s t a r *

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