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welcome to the jungle

Wooo hooo! This year is fuh-lying by. A fun weekend now passed, and a potentially fun week ahead of me. I embrase it with much nervousness.

This weekend was a potpouri of activity. Thursday night we screen printed 20 band shirts, friday night nick and brad and i went to the see the local farm league Hockey team play. It was so fun because all of the fans were totally cheesey. A little bit o cheese and a lot of red necks. I think what really makes a hockey game is all that heavy metal and jock jams they play during fights and breaks in the action. Saturday we rode bikes and i gave bailey an old 80's thrift store prom dress to wear for halloween. I brought it to him at the tatoo parlor and he put it on right away and ran outside to stand on the street corner. Girls were actually talking to him. Everybody commented on his attractiveness, it was weird. Not one person said "EW THAT IS THE UGLIEST GIRL I EVA SEEN!"

Sunday we went to church and then out to eat some mexican food with a bunch of folks, including chad takehold which is always fun because he grew up in Equador and knows fluent spainish. All the waiters are his buddies or something. Que Suerte. Me and Brad and John and Nick caught the sunday matinee of Blair Witch 2. It was sooooo bad. I can't believe how shamelessly it targeted the 'goth' and 'wiccan' community. That wiccan girl got on my nerves too always complaining about how wiccans are persecuted. She went off on it like 20 times. Que Horror.

Sunday night was vegetarian pizza time at takehold's house. And monday i gave bailey a bday present and took him to get his driver's license renewed. He got a date! i wonder how it went. I won't see him until next week because tonite i leave to GO TO CHICAGO.

Its a art department trip. I'm kinda worried about it because i feel that everyone will be goin to booty clubs and bars, which ain't muh scene. I want to go on thursday to see the Against All Authority show at the Fireside Bowl but i dunno if i can convince anyone to go with me. Somebody told me to ask ROSCO to go but i don't even know that guy, except for what he looks like. Oh well. Can't hurt to try. There is also a AFI show on the same night but they are comming to a venue near me soon so i might just wait it out.

I'm gonna miss nick. I hope i have fun.

who knows! next year, when the summer comes again, i might be your flower, and you could be my rain.

who knows, you could be my rain...


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