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Dumb Mama

I am going on a trip to Beijing, China on Thursday.
Until about 4 hours ago, I thought my trip was Thursday, April 13th. My birthday is April 11th, and I was all set to spend it here in Laos. I wrote that in my calendar and I told people those dates. I swear I used to be smart, but that was before I became a mom. And I do remember wondering why my mother was clueless at times (mostly during my teen years). Now I know: it was all my fault. (and my brother's...there were 2 of us, after all...)
I am looking forward to going to Beijing again. We worked there for a year before we moved to Laos. I am most looking forward to a certain noodle shop and the cooler climate (it was about 99 degrees here today and the average temperature in Beijing right now is in the 60's!). My favorite thing to do in Beijing is go shopping like a madwoman.
I didn't used to like shopping, but in Beijing, I can actually afford things. Everything is so cheap. "Made In China."
Jonas is comming up with more dance moves everyday. A new one tonight was hurling himself off of the couch onto some pillows on the floor.
Words he says right now:
ta-tee= "thank you"
ah dahh= "all done" (with sign language...he uses this whenever he wants to get out of bed or get out of the carseat, too! He can't always be "all done" when he wants to, though!)
Actually most of his words don't translate well to typing. He does make a cat noise now that is kind of new= "woww wowww". And he has started to say "na na" for "banana", although he doesn't actually like to EAT bananas, he recognizes them from the Baby Genius music video for "I Like to Eat Apples and Bananas".
Today we went to playgroup and another girl's mommy started eating a banana. Jonas took it from her and squished it and gave it back to her again.
We also had some fun "driving" a jeep one of my friends left parked in our driveway.

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Tuesday, Apr. 04, 2006 at 9:16 PM

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