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I have been taking heaps of pictures but am too lazy and/or tired to upload them right now.
Today we didn't have our usual playgroup due to people being on Christmas vacation (the international school gets time off, even though the rest of the country doesn't get holidays). Instead of "playgroup", Jonas and I just went and hung out with my and her 2-year-old. My friend had an ectopic pregnancy last week and had to have surgery and all. She is doing really well though, physically. She didn't talk about having any emotional stuff, and she seemed pretty up. I know she must be feeling bad sometimes; I mean she did lose a baby. She has one child. She wants to have 3 more. When they removed "the tissue" in surgery last week, they also had to remove 1cm of one of her tubes. So now she will have to take fertility medicine to cause her to ovulate on the side with the in-tact tube every month (apparently, normally you alternate each month between the 2 sides).
We had a fun morning together. We definitely had more fun than our kids.
Tommorrow I have to make a little quick trip to Thailand for a few hours to keep another friend company while she does some errands. Then we have a MEETING in the afternoon, which normally I dread, but this week it is also a Christmas party! Yay!
Oh, I forgot I wanted to share some funny answers from the mid-term exam I gave to my students last Friday.
There was a section with these instructions:
Make a should have sentance based on each of these statements. Example: I failed the test! You should have studied!
So one of the statements was: My girlfriend doesn't love me!
"You should have changed yourself."
"You should have change your girlfriend"
"My girlfriend should haven't love me."
"You should have take care your girlfriend."
"You should have take care her and invite her come to your house for dinner."
"You should have love her too."
"I should have changed another."
"You should have found another one else."
"You shouldn't have loved her."
"You should have new girlfriend."
"I should have forget her."
"You should have apologized to her!"
"You should make friend with her."
"You should have made more handsome."
"You should have do anything for her."

Heh. I should show you some of the pictures they drew in the "draw the meaning" section. Artists, they are not. But I have to get amusement out of my job somehow.

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2005 at 10:40 PM

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