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A New Beginning

This is a story that I wrote. I'm posting it on my blog for a contest. It has nothing to do with my actual life.

I had told Mama for the hundredth time that I wanted to go see Daddy. Mama and Daddy divorced when I was 4-year-old and he traveled around a lot, besides livin’ in another state, so I didn’t see him much.
Well, on that day Mama wasn’t bein’ no kinder than her usual, but she said, “You wanna go see your Daddy? Well, pack a bag and lets go.”

I was excited but her voice was mean like, made me not believe it with my whole heart. But I got out my little cardboard suitcase and I remember clear I put in 3 pairs panties, my jeans, and 2 dolls. I don’t know why I remember that so well. I don’t know why I didn’t pack no shirts.

After I packed I got in the truck with Randy, Mama’s husband at the time, and he was going to take me where I could get on the bus and go see Daddy. Well we drove and drove and by now it was dark, past dinner time. We was way out down a country road it it was black as tar; the onliest lights around were from the headlights of the truck. Randy stopped the truck in some spot that didn’t look any different than the others, and he said, “Now, you get out here and wait for the bus to come.”

So, that’s what I did. I don’t know how long I waited there, or if a bus was ever s’posed to come or not. But I waited and waited all alone, trying to not be scared and trying to believe I was really on my way to see Daddy.
Well, after I don’t know how long I seen someone come walkin’ up the road carryin’ a flashlight. When they got a bit closer I seen it was two someones, two boys not much bigger than me. I was pretty glad to see anyone so I spoke an’ asked ‘em when they expected the bus to come along. They didn’t know nothin’ about a bus so I decided I’d just go wherever it was they was goin, which turned out to be home.

We didn’t talk a lot on the way to the house but when we got there I knowed they was 2 brothers, one named E.A. who was 13-year-old, and one name Charles who was 9. I don’t remember what I said to their Mama, exactly, but she was right nice, she told me to call her Miz Ruby, and she also said she’d call the bus company. In the meantime she give me some cornbread. She didn’t say anything about the bus after she made that call, but she looked real serious when she come back in the room and said I should just stay right with them on that night and she would drop me back at Mama’s place in the morning. Cuz I had told her I was Bitsy’s girl.

The next mornin’ she drove me home and when we pulled up to Mama’s house we walked to the door together. Mama was on the poarch and she looked at me real hard and said, “Well, what are you doin’ here?” Kinda like she wished she was rid of me once and for all.

Well I remember Miz Ruby got real stiff but her voice didn’t change, she just made like she thought the bus incident was a big accidental mistake and she said it weren’t no trouble to bring me home. Mama weren’t real cordial with her but Miz Ruby just kept talkin’ like they was good friends and she thought real highly of Mama. By the end of it she had offered Mama to keep me at her house ever weekend, because she said she had a whole mess of boys (she had 5) but ain’t never had a girl of her own. She said she took a shine to me and she maybe could use me to help her with chores too.

I liked the idea ‘cuz I already knowed she was nice, but I just acted like I didn’t hear ‘em. I didn’t want Mama to know I wanted to go. I looked real hard at a lone ant that was runnin’ across the poarch rail. I don’t know why I remember that ant out of everything.
I was surprised too when Mama agreed to what Miz Ruby said. It was the only nice thing I really remember Mama ever doin’ for me.

Sunday, Jan. 07, 2007 at 9:29 PM

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