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I always pass my tests

Today is Nick's 30th birthday. Actually it was yesterday, Laos time. But his birthday is May 25th. I wish I could be there to celebrate it with him.
I am officially 7 months pregnant tommorrow. I had a doctor appointment today and did the glucose test. I hate skipping breakfast. I never never skip breakfast, but for medical orders I will make an exception, even though it ruins my day. Actually I didn't feel that bad, but it was the principle of the matter. I passed the glucose test, and Jonas was really well behaved the whole time.
We got to the clinic a few minutes before the appointment. It was pretty early (like 8:30 A.M.) and we were just sitting in the waiting room. Jonas was happily eating graham crackers, which he would do all day every day if I let him. I of course couldn't eat because I was fasting for the glucose test. They called me back to pee in a cup and I got up to walk back. Jonas didn't make a move to follow me so I turned around and went back to him, knelt down eye level and told him I was going to the bathroom and I would be right back. He said "okay". About 8 seconds later I was in mid-pee and heard "Mama? Mama?" from the waiting room. So I hurried out without washing my hands (don't tell anyone) and called to him. It was funny to me that no one had made the connection that I was his mama, when we were the only caucasian people in the entire clinic, including the staff. Anyway, they also thought he was a girl, but I still refuse to cut his hair. I'm just not ready for that step. I'm starting to feel the pressure though.
After I got the okay to eat, I pulled out a LUNA bar I had brought for the occassion, but Jonas ate half of it. This was after he had already eaten scrambled eggs, about 1/4 a cup of KIX, milk, a vitamin, probably 4 graham crackers, and a handful of goldfish crackers. No love for Mama. Then about 40 minutes later he ate spinach and cheese ravioli.
When we got home my brother called to see if we were there so he could come over and visit (and also scam free food from my parents' pantry). Jonas love to see him and always gets really wired when he is around. I am glad he can have some male bonding though.
My brother has been touring the last 2 weeks with his band. If you remember, he just got married on March 31st, so I'm sure his wife is feeling a bit lonely. They also were shocked to find out they got pregnant on their honeymoon and will have a baby in December. Personally, I'm happy and excited, but they aren't. I'm kind of waiting for them to "come around" to the happy side, but I don't want to be obnoxious about it. I gave her some maternity clothes I outgrew already and some baby magazines and books. I hope it helps. It means alot to me that this child be wanted. Any and every child, for that matter.
In other news, my mom and Jonas and I are going to the beach next week. I haven't been on a real beach vacation since 2002. We are meeting my cousins there, and between them (two families) they have 4 girls, ages 4-7 I think. They are a good age to play with Jonas because hopefully they are older than him enough to not fight over the same toys.
I applied for a job keeping a church nursury on Sunday nights. I go "interview" with them on Tuesday, the day before we leave for the beach. I just need some income, and it doesn't make sense for me to get a job that causes me to have to pay for childcare. My parents both work full time, so they aren't free to babysit Jonas.
I'm also trying to sell some of my old stuff in the newspaper. My ads run at the end of next week so hopefully I will get some calls. Nick sold his golf clubs in Laos, so that is good. We still have a couple random things to sell over there, like a blender and some shelves. Anybody want a banjo and a bmx bike? I'll cut you a deal.
I got some more hand-me-down maternity clothes and baby clothes today. Some of them are U-G-L-Y with no alibi, but I won't refuse anything, because then people will stop offering. I will just find a new home for the offensive items.

Friday, May. 25, 2007 at 11:11 PM

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