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Nice Newsy Update

Hi All! I know it has been a while. I have been busy just doing the mom thing. I had a car that I was borrowing from some friends, but last week the starter broke. We figured out it was the starter after I replaced the battery (money down the tubes!). So now I am vehicle-less.
I don't think I ever shared this link to pictures from my brother's wedding. WEDDING PICTURES. I am in about 2 of them, but there are alot of cute ones of Jonas. If you don't want to watch the slide show you can click on the thumbnails on the bottom right. So the big wedding was March 31st.
Guess what? Apparently they got pregnant on their honeymoon. Now I have a little niece or nephew due on December 25th. My brother and his wife are in shock and a little depressed. He is a musician and is about to leave on a long summer tour.
It isn't anyone's business but when I had Jonas, we were on Medicaid. We hadn't planned on being in the states for his birth, but unforseen circumstances (Nick's Dad's terminal illness) kept us here. So applying for Medicaid was our contingency plan. It really was a huge blessing. I have applied now with this baby too. I tried to help my brother get the application process going for his baby, but tonight he called me and said his father-in-law is mad about it and doesn't want his daughter to be on Medicaid. His solution is for her to get a job at a big corporation with an insurance plan. The reality is that most insurances don't cover pregnancy unless you have been on their plan a year previous. Anyway, it just makes me feel angry that I tried to help them to make their lives easier, but he doesn't want his own daughter to stoop as low as me. I think in a situation like this it is best to let go of your pride and do what you need to do to get by.
I am still activly yard-saling. I helped out at my church yard sale. It was from 7am-4pm last Saturday. When I arrived for my shift at 2pm, prices had been slashed to 75% off. Woohoo! It made the head math a little tricky to total up those 25 cent items that were 75% off, but it was still exciting. THEN, right before the end of the sale, they said "If you carry it, it's yours!". Whoa! Free crap! I loaded up on random toys, baby, and toddler clothes. I even got a John Lennon crib bumper. I had John Lennon stuff with Jonas but I think it has been discontinued. So I'm glad to have the crib bumper to coordinate with the stuff I already have for the new baby. I like the little Safari Animals theme for baby boys.
All in all I spent about $8 at the yard sale and came away with a car load of stuff.
This weekend I went to another yard sale that had "all the clothes you can stuff in a bag for $1". Yes!! I got 33 pieces of Jonas-sized clothes into one bag. Score! I get the biggest rush out of stuff like that. I can't believe I used to pay $1 each for baby clothes at yard sales. What was I thinking?
In other news, I am looking for a job. I am checking into church nurserys that would allow me to have Jonas with me while I work. There is one that pays $10 an hour but I don't know if I can be "the one". I also am looking into tutoring through a company that teaches small classes for SAT and ACT prep. I have an "audition" with them in 2 weeks. They called it an audition on the phone. I will be teaching a 5 minute pretend lesson so they can see if I am a good fit. That job is doable because it is at night and on weekends and my parents could take care of Jonas.
Another option is we have a friend who owns a house-cleaning business. Another one of my pregnant friends and I have talked about alternating days working with him. I would watch her 1 1/2 year old on days she is cleaning, and she would watch Jonas on days I am cleaning. That would only be until the babies are born of course. She is due in September.
Oh! One more exciting thing: I won 2 more prizes in internet contests from that website, the Opinionated Parent. I won a set of red rainboots for Jonas and I (we will match!) and some cloth diaper fasteners. Neither has arrived in the mail yet, but they did say I am a winner! Wheee!

Sunday, May. 13, 2007 at 7:32 PM

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