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Easter and Stuff

Ah, home alone for a couple of hours! I love to spend time alone. I always have. I lived my teen years locked in my room. I know I used the phone a lot but I didn't have a TV or computer in there, so I'm not sure what else I did. Read a lot and did homework I guess. I also used to write letters and mail them to my friends, even though we saw each other every day or talked on the phone. It was fun to exchange letters though. I still have them.
Anyway I wanted to write about Saturday when the family and I went to a big Easter bash at my parent's church. It was kind of comparable to the "fall festival" that a lot of churches do in the place of Halloween. There were egg hunts every 15 minutes for different age groups (I know! They kept refreshing the egg supply; what a great idea!), pony rides, several of those "moon bounce" (large inflatable thing you get inside and jump around), which were also divided into age groups so that toddlers wouldn't get trampled, various crafts, such as decorating a giant sugar cookie with icing (personal favorite), and a puppet show. Jonas loved the puppet show. We were near it by coincidence the first time and he got sad when it ended, so we made a special attempt to go watch the second one and he really liked it. Ever since then he has been saying at random times, "I like puppets," and "puppets all gone". And that was a few days ago now, so you know they left an impression.
He did SO well on the pony ride. He was one of the youngest ones to hold on by himself. His face was so serious and focused throughout the ride, but he just BEAMED with pride when it was over. My brave little Jojobean.
I have begun the rather daunting task of cleaning out all of my stuff I have stored at my parents house. Phase one is a consignment sale I am participating in that is this weekend. Phase 2 is selling a bunch of used CD's and books to a used CD/book store near Nick's mom's house. She lives about 2 1/2 hours away but I'm sure I'll get up there eventually. Phase 3 will be the ebay phase but that is in the distant future at this point. I'm not sure if I want to hold another yard sale yet.
When we first started working overseas, we thought we would "try it" for a year and then move back to the states. But one year has turned in to five, and all of our "treasures" we have stored here lose their significance with each passing year. So, I'd rather have the cash! I'll hold on to some things, like wedding gifts and our bed/mattress, but clothes go out of style, and we just don't have the same interests we had 5 years ago. Now we are parents, and our focus has shifted. So Nick no longer collects comic books and star wars figures. We also have a rather large pez dispenser collection that might need some attention.
I almost feel a bit suffocated by the volume of possessions we have. I mean, it is a bit overwhelming to have all of your stuff in one bedroom and an attic space; it makes it seem like quite a lot when really it wouldn't even begin to fill a normal sized house. Also my brother has a lot of his clothes in the closet we are using, which makes it even more crowded.
I'm just taking it one drawer and corner at a time.
Wednesday is my birthday.
I'm looking for a keylime pie.

Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2007 at 9:45 AM

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