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Subdued Fun Today

Today has been an overall pleasant day. I also have time to sit here and reflect on it, so maybe that makes it seem all the more pleasant.
I got up at about 6:30 and Nick went to go exercise and I watched Jonas. He watched the Disney Channel (Higglytown Heros) while I ate breakfast, then we went upstairs and played until 8:30, when the Doodlebops show (his favorite) comes on, so we went downstairs to watch that. At about 8:45 I decided to try to grab a shower before Doodlebops ended, and as soon as I got undressed I heard Nick getting home from working out.
We tried something new today and went to an unfamiliar library across town because they were having an Easter Egg hunt. It was kind of far away and unexpectedly in a strip mall, but only a few stores down from THE LARGEST THRIFT STORE IN ALABAMA! I had no idea. Anyway, we got there at 9:30 and the egg hunt was to start at 10, but the newspaper said to get there at 9:30 to get a "special treat". Apparently the special treat was a story time about a pair of red shoes who wanted to find an owner. I'm not sure if this was an actual book or if the story lady was making it up as she went along (it kind of seemed that way). Also, Jonas was the youngest kid there even though it was an egg hunt for kids 5 and under. There were 3 or 4 daycares there, on a field trip! I was sort of intimidated and I got worried that Jonas wouldn't get any eggs. But when it came time for the egg hunt, we pointed him in a direction off to the side where not many kids went...most of them charged straight ahead. Jonas got about 6 eggs which ended up being embarrassing because some kids didn't get any! Nick and I felt guilty so we gave one egg to a kid with only 1 in his basket. I guess most of the kids went for the same area and were competing for the same eggs. There were also 2 SPECIAL eggs with stickers on them that got you a SPECIAL prize. I was thankful Jonas didn't find those; I would have felt even worse. I guess I felt sorry for the kids being in daycare. Here we walk in with Jonas, 2 parents, and he is sitting in our laps and stuff during story time. All of the other kids are in daycare classes of 8 or more kids. They were all about 4 years old I think.
Anyway, after the egg hunt I HAD to check out the LARGEST THRIFT STORE IN ALABAMA! I got some kind of Fischer-Price toy/farmhouse for 79 cents. I thought it was for Weebles, because everything was the right shape, but when I got it home I noticed the Weebles are made by Playskool. Everything fit though and it works for the Weebles, and Jonas LOVES it. I am such a used toy scavenger for him. I got the Weebles at a yardsale last weekend, a ziplock bag of 3 Christmas Weebles.
I also got a large picnic basket filled with 4 dishes, 4 mugs, 4 spoons, forks, and knives, and a table cloth for $4.88. I just wanted the basket to store Jonas' train stuff in. He had fun opening and closing the lid many times while we filled it with the trains. I kind of considered the dishes as a "free bonus". I love free bonuses! They are plastic, but still, FREE!
And...I was AMAZED that there were about 25 wedding dresses at this thrift store! Who donates their wedding dress to the thrift store?!? I paid big bucks to have mine "heirloom stored" by a drycleaner. My dress cost $100 b/c my mother-in-law made it; I think the storage cost at least $50.
I am pretty well stocked on baby boy clothes and maternity clothes, so I didn't allow myself to browse that section of the store. A friend of mine gave me a HUGE amount of maternity clothes to "borrow" and give back after the blessed event. She had twins so I'm not yet big enough to fit into her clothes, but I know at about 8 months I will be stylin'. Actually another American lady in Laos gave me a bunch of maternity clothes too, and she had twins. Maybe I will get some twin magic. I personally know 3 women who had twins or are having twins this year (first one was 6 months ago, second was 3 months ago, third is due a month before me). It kind of made me hope for twins this time.
Anyway after the Thrifting madness we went home and ate lunch and took naps. In my nap I had a sort of nightmare that I went to museum and lost track of Jonas. I asked the security guard where he was and he showed me that Jonas was outside playing with a homeless lady wearing oven mitts. I woke up feeling panicked.
When my mom got home from work, Nick and I went on a date to a Mexican restaurant and then a book store. For some reason they had HUGE free sugar cookies at the bookstore. I had one. Then while we were there they had a guest author come read from his book Mississippi Sissy. He was really loud and expressive. I wasn't watching him but I couldn't help HEARING him throughout the entire store (which is 2 stories tall and ENORMOUS). Nick had to find a book about technology that some of our Lao colleagues requested he bring back to Laos. I found a good deal on The Complete Tales of Winne the Pooh...$11 instead of $35. Woo-hoo!
When we came home, Jonas had already been bathed and my mom was reading him a story. He was actually paying attention. Then I laid down with him to go to sleep. After he went to sleep I had some decaf peach-flavored hot tea and hung out on the internet a while. Nick watched TVland. Just a good family day.

Wednesday, Apr. 04, 2007 at 11:12 PM

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