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Discovery Toys

I plan to be in the States until January. During that time I am trying something new. I, Can Can, have signed on as a DISCOVERY TOYS CONSULTANT. It's kind of like a Mary Kay lady, but you sell educational toys instead of make-up, which, personally, I find toys more interesting than make-up.
One thing I am excited about is that now they have this thing called "on-line parties". Someone hosts a Discovery Toys party online, and the online host earns free toys proportional to how many toys are bought at the online "party". If you think you would be interested in hosting an online party (I wish Meagan could make virtual snacks that I could actually eat...her parties always sound AWESOME!), contact me by clicking my new "shop discovery toys" link at the top of the page. Or, if you just want to buy stuff, go there too. OR, if you want to be a toy seller too, you can find info on the link. What an amazing link it is.
Apparently you can earn all-expense paid vacations to exotic locales such as Brazil, but that doesn't really entice me. When would I have time to take a vacation anyway?
I am excited about these toys because they have a lifetime guarantee. And guess what? My mom actually bought ME some discovery toys in 1980, and now Jonas plays with them! That is MADNESS! My mom saves everything, I'll admit, but these actually stood the test of time, unlike the polyester off-brown 70's baby clothes she saved for her grandchildren.
So, anyway, that's what's new in my life today.

Tuesday, Apr. 03, 2007 at 10:28 PM

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