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Original post:
Eight days from now I will be flying back to the States. Probably at this exact hour, and about 30 additional hours. Woohoo?
I am always excited to go home, never excited about the flight.
Today I hosted playgroup. It is kind of an unwritten rule that the playgroup hostess makes snacks. I made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and then I tried to make some banana date cookies this morning before everyone arrived. Well the date cookies got a little blackened on the bottom, (I didn't put them out), but I guess the oatmeal were enough anyway because there were 2 left at the end. I also had juice boxes for the kids and tea and coffee for the moms. And a few bananas, left over from the cookies (that burned).
I sent an email before playgroup telling the moms that I had some books and things for sale, as I am trying to clean up and clean out the house before I leave. I sold the books for 50 cents each and a couple of odd items, like a toy basketball goal and one of those neck pillows people use on airplanes (I can't sleep on airplanes, I give up). All together I made $26.50, which makes me happy considering how little effort I put into the "sale", and I got to get rid of some stuff. I'm kind of a book glutton so it is good for me to clean out some.
I tried to sell my Kitchenaid Blender but didn't have any takers yet.
Yesterday we bought a big item from some people who are moving. We got a swing set! It is just a basic monkey bars and 2 swings. It has a slide platform but no slide? Just steps. I'm not sure what happened to the slide. When I go home I am going to bring back a baby swing, for my new little one. It would have been nice to have one when Jonas was a baby, although he didn't like to sit still. After he started to walk at 10.5 months, we spent HOURS outside every morning, me following him around to make sure he didn't hurt himself (the fish pond was a major concern, he liked throwing rocks in it). It got really boring. That was our routine for about 6 months.
I think I was perpetually anxious from when he was 5 months (started to crawl) until...maybe 26 months, (when we finally weaned and started preschool).
But this time around we will have a safe yard and some toys outside, so I hope it makes a difference.
I got an email from my mom today that she enrolled Jonas in a preschool in the states for next semester (3 mornings/week, like he does now). It is the same school my brother and I went to! I'm glad he has a spot there. It is SO hard to find a program, I felt like everyone I called had a waiting list. How can one plan years in advance for a preschool? How do you even know you will have a toddler at that time? I just don't get it.
I wanted Jonas to go to a Waldorf school, but I guess at this age maybe it doesn't matter. Also, Waldorf schools are more expensive.
I might enroll him in some kind of dance/movement class. In my hometown we have a place called the Children's Dance Foundation that is a non-profit dance school, so it isn't expensive, and it isn't to breed highly competitive dancing fiends. I want to use all of the opportunities we have for the short time we are in the states (9 months).
In Laos it is hard to find any kind of program for kids that emphasizes the arts, which are very important to me. My brother and I have a more artistic bent (his talent is in music, mine is...?...in liking art. I guess. Actually I studied photography in university). Nick has a more mathematical mind (Accounting major...my idea of punishment).
My mom always had me in some kind of "extracurricular"class. When I was very young I did tumbling. I took violin lessons when I was about 5 or 6. I took piano lessons from about 3rd grade. I did a pottery class in 4th grade I really enjoyed. I played the flute. I did karate, basketball, softball, soccer, and ice hockey. I never did Girl Scouts. We were in church choir, and other church activities. My brother did drum lessons, piano, and all of the sports I mentioned. And he was a boyscout. My teen years were extremely busy.
If I had it to do over again, I would probably cut out some of my teenage commitments, but all in all I'm glad for the varied experiences I got to have.
I want Jonas to have those chances too.
I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying the free children's programs at the library in the states.
Maybe we can go to the zoo or botanical gardens.
I need to find a car to use.
If you know a little old lady who only drives on Sundays, tell her about me. I'll give her the car for Sunday.

Tuesday, Mar. 06, 2007 at 3:28 PM

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