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Awkward Confessions

I might need help from you diary friends next week...the Wife in the Fast Lane contest is moving into a "voting" phase to choose the winner by...March 12th? I think. Anyway, I'll keep you posted. Be prepared to stuff the ballots for me.

The other night, Jonas had me rolling on the floor laughing. I always reprimand him for scratching his bottom, telling him that it makes his hand dirty and we have to wash his hands afterwards. I mean, I have sympathy for him if he is itching but, you can scratch on the OUTSIDE of your clothes, you know? And it really is dirty, I don't like him touching toys and stuff after doing that because I know that is how children get pin worms...fecal matter contamination on toys that are later put into their MOUTHS! And who wants their kids to have worms? Anyone? Anyone? Yeah, me either.
Well, the other night I was scratching, not my bottom but something else that you don't scratch in public. He walked over and grabbed my hand and said , "No, baby. Hand durdee now. Ewwww, is durdee." (we had just finished pretending that I was a baby...he wraps my head in a towel and I "cry").
He lectured me about the dirty hand for a very long time, in a lot of words I couldn't understand but the message was clear. Then I tried to lay my hands in my lap and he told me again that it was dirty and not to do that. Whew. I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe, but he was dead serious. They always seem like they don't pay attention to anything you say, but at the wink of an eye they can turn into "mini-Mom" and mimic you perfectly.

Jonas likes to pretend to be a baby every night when he gets out of the tub. Whoever is the bath-giver wraps him up in a towel and cradles him in arms. Then Jonas looks around wide eyed and sticks his tongue out (I guess that's what babies do?). After a few minutes he throws the towel off and "surprises" us, that it is not a baby at all, but actually Jojo.
Tonight he started asking for "mummies" (that means he wanted to nurse). He was in baby-mode. We have been weaned for about 4 months now. Well I decided not to make an issue off it; I knew I didn't have any milk left. I showed him the "mummie" and he took a look at it and said it was dirty. So, obviously not the same source of comfort he remembered. Crisis averted. Thank goodness there was some kind of lint on there from the bra. Man this is a weird story, isn't it?
I also did some not-weird things today, such as have some friends over for dinner. I made spanktopita (is that how you spell it? the Greek spinach pie in phillo pastry?), a salad, and Harvest Loaf (vegetarian meatloaf alternative using pecans and walnuts). Nick made some blueberry "ice cream" in the VITAMIX 5000 BLENDER. It was pretty good, like a sorbet but it actually had cream in it as well.
We also had "rose apples", a fruit which I have never seen in the USA, but I quite enjoy eating here.
The Harvest Loaf took about 45 minutes longer than it was supposed to before it got "firm". I have made it 4 or 5 times before so I have no idea what went wrong. But our guests were gracious and enjoyed the other foods and still tasted some Harvest Loaf when it got finished baking.
These friends are a married couple an their 18-month-old daughter. Jonas did so well playing with her, although he was a bit screechy because he was SO excited and showing off and screaming and yelling. He doesn't get like that very often so he must have been over the moon to have a playmate in the house. He didn't eat much, and I distinctly remember him sitting in the middle of the floor and using his legs to spin around in a circle on his bottom. It was wild. But he DID do a good job sharing his toys, for the most part.
Towards the end he did tell her it was time for her to go home. He was right though. It was after 9pm, and her bedtime is 8pm.

Saturday, Mar. 03, 2007 at 12:08 AM

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