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Hey guess what!?!
Remember the writing contest (about 3 entries previous, title: A New Beginning)?
Well I WON! Woohoo! The prize is a book called Writer's Market. It tells you where to send your writing to get it published. I subscribed to an online version back in 2002 when I was on a "I think I can write children's books" kick, but I was wrong. And since I didn't make a single penny off of my writing that year, I didn't feel like I should shell out $50 for the next year's edition. I thought I should actually try to write something decent first.
But this year I got inspired again. We are going to be doing some traveling soon and I thought I could take good notes on the trip and then write about it all intriguing-like and try to sell it to regional magazines when I go back to Alabama for my bro-bro's wedding. I think there would be some appeal in having a ready made story about travel in Singapore or Laos or Thailand if you are a small budget magazine who can't actually have a "travel writer" that gets paid to visit such exotic locales (did I spell that right?)
Anyway, seeing my name on the website as "the winning entry" seriously made my day. And it was about 11pm when I read it so the buzz will probably carry over to tomorrow.
The last time I won something with writing was the "We Love(Small city I grew up in) Essay Contest" in 8th grade. I won a savings bond.
I haven't been able to tell anyone yet, since the fam. is asleep.
I should be asleep too but I accidentally took a longer nap than Jonas today. I know; I'm pitiful.
But, WOOHOO! again for the writing contest!

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2007 at 12:04 AM

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