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animal woes

On Monday, our neighbors gave Jonas a puppy. It wasn't something that we had talked about or agreed to, but I couldn't really deny him the puppy once it was there. The puppy is really small, a black and white mutt. I thought it looked kind of young because it's eyes weren't open. We tried to feed it with one of Jonas' old baby bottles but the nipple was too long and it kind of gagged the puppy. So since Nanny was the one who brought the thing into the house, we gave her a syringe and told her to try to feed it through the night (the puppy made it's appearance about 6pm). Jonas was so proud of it. He was carrying it around and brought it inside and set it on a pillow for them to watch TV together. I was thinking ew ew ew ew WORMS ew ew ew but it was cute, I'm not totally heartless.
Well the next morning Nanny decided that puppy needed to go back to it's mother so it could nurse properly. She told Jonas that the puppy needed "mummies" (that was our word for nursing). Jonas thought for a minute and said, "Mama!".
But Nanny told him no, the puppy needed DOG mummies.
I could see where Jonas' solution would make a lot of sense to him though.
Speaking of animals, we leave our kitchen door open for most of the day. It opens onto a covered poarch, but we have had problems of the neighbors cats sneaking into our house and peeing on stuff! Arghh!!! Yesterday when I was comming out of the bedroom after Jonas woke from his nap, I saw a black cat sprinting out of the other bedroom! A quick visual and sniff-survey of the room revealed that it had pee'd on Jonas' diaper bag.
I really hate those cats, and it is a different one every time! There is a black one, a black and white one, and a REALLY gross looking white one who have all come inside the house before. I don't get why they aren't afraid of us? And WHY oh WHY do they want to pee on our stuff?!?!

Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2007 at 9:40 AM

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