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Sorry for the long absence. We had guests staying with us for a while and the computer is in the guestroom, so my computer time was greatly reduced for a while.
Last night we had a "Frosty the Snowman" party for our Lao friends. We are trying to show a traditional Christmas movie every week leading up to Christmas so that they can get a feel of what Christmas is like. So, I attempted to translate the lyrics of the Frosty the Snowman song into Lao, which wasn't really singable but at least they got the idea. I generalized everything;
"Frosty the snow person, was happy and a good person. He had a pipe and a nose similar to a button and 2 eyes like coal. Frosty the snow person, some people say it isn't true, but the children know he was alive just like all of you or myself. I think Frosty's hat was special because when he wore it he could dance. Frosty the snow person knew today the sun was hot, so he said "Lets play together quickly because in a minute I will melt..." So they went to the village with a broom and he ran everywhere and said "You can't catch me!". Then he waved goodbye and said "don't cry because next time I will come again".

That is basically how the Lao translation of Frosty the Snowman would translate back into English. Not the exact lyrics, but still.
We watched the movie and then tried to make paper mache' snowmen. We also had snowball cookies, and snowman sugar cookies. I think it was a pretty good night, but the story of Frosty probably seemed kind of weird to someone hearing it for the first time. Especially someone who had never seen snow.
Next week: Rudolf the Rednosed Reigndeer.

Friday, Dec. 08, 2006 at 9:23 PM

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