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Silver Bells

I took some pictures of Jonas next to our Christmas tree this morning so I could print them out and mail them with Christmas cards.

These are the ones I am using.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

He was sitting beside the tree nicely, but he wasn't smiling, so I started asking him questions like "Where is the star?" so he would move around and do something interesting.

I was a few minutes late picking him up from pre-school at noon today (I got there like five minutes after). So he was sitting at a little table with the other children who stay for lunch. He looked so cute sitting there with the kids, wearing a giant smock (to keep his clothes clean) and eating so intently.
The kid I mentioned a few entries back, Jonah, cried when we came to take Jonas home. I feel so sad for him; he cries every time we pick up Jonas. I guess Nick or I must look like one of his parents. Or maybe it is just a painful reminder that he has to stay at pre-school for 5 more hours.
Nick is leaving on a golf trip early tommorrow morning. I feel sad that he choses to go on these long trips away from us every year. He could spend that vacation time for us to do things together as a family, rather than leave for 5 days. And how many times have I got to go on a trip without Jonas for 5 days? Or even one day? I haven't. I don't think I would even want to.
It is useless to bring it up, because arguing about me wanting to spend more time together just makes him annoyed and thereby defeats the purpose two fold.
Well, enough complaining. I have all of the Christmas decorations up already, except for the outside lights. Last year our house was alot smaller, so it looked like it was absolutely filled with decorations. Now in our new house we have a huge family room/dining room, so my little pipsqueak tree (pictured with Jonas) and garlands are dwarfed by the high ceilings. I feel like I need to buy more decorations, but my practical side says that it is silly to spend money on something like that that is only used once a year, and will be on sale after the holidays anyway.

I have a request for everyone who reads this diary. I entered a contest for the best story about a the practice of "re-gifting" (where you give someone a gift that was originally given to you as a gift). I wrote about my notoriously cheap friend. Go read it here and rate it 10 bows! I want to win The Office DVD boxed set.

Monday, Nov. 27, 2006 at 2:29 PM

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