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Beware the Duck Eggs

Jonas helping make a model boat, celebrating the boat racing festival.

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At the festival we went to the carnival part, and were walking the streets looking for something Jonas could eat. There are all kinds of grilled things on sticks, but I don't really like to give him meat. I wanted him to be a vegetarian but have relented a little when he sees something he wants to try, like a shish kebab. Anyway, on this day I saw what was possibly a pile of hardboiled eggs, so I told Nick to buy one. It was really hard to crack, so Nick took it from me and kind of punched it. When he did so, blood squirted out of it! *gag*! It turned to it was a PARTIALLY DEVELOPED DUCK FETUS EGG!
How nasty is that! I didn't want Jonas to see because it was so disgusting. There was a friggin' dead duck fetus in there! It totally gave me the creeps. And I felt a little sick just looking at the thing. I walked about 15 feet away from the vendor and then tossed it in tht trash.


I teach 2 classes at the night school. One is all 13-14ish year olds, and the other is more advanced so it is mostly adults but a few kids are in there as well.
The adolescent class is pretty obnoxious. There are some sweet girls in there but mostly everyone is a spoiled rich kid, from what i can tell. The cost is $75 per term, which is an 11 week term. They don't seem to take their studies seriously. They play with their mobile phones and go to the bathroom dozens of times within the 1 1/2 hour class. In the advanced class there is a young (like 14 year old) couple who are overly affectionate. I was all prepared to tell them off in Lao yesterday but they never came into class. I saw them in the building but for whatever reason they didn't come in the room.

Another girl came in the teen class about 30 minutes late and accused some other girl of being in "her seat". I went and got her another chair and she said "Teacher. Never mind. I will come on Friday." I guess she was so mortally offended that "her seat" was taken she just couldn't bear to sit through the remaining hour of class. What a spoiled brat.

Yesterday we did a cloze (fill-in-the-blanks) exercise with the Beatles song "Yesterday". I think everyone thought it was fun. After we got all of the words filled in and I explained the meaning, we all sang it together with the CD. It was kind of a moment. Except this one man was trying to sing too high and I was trying not to laugh at him.

Also yesterday one of the words we were discussing was "rarely", which is difficult for them to pronounce. It kind of sounds like they are saying "Raliegh". We have to work on our "Arrrrggghhhh!" sounds.

In other news, Jonas and I have been doing new and exciting things together. At playgroup last week he painted for the first time. He was so intent and focused I decided to do it again when we got home. I already have paints and everything because I am a crafts nerd.
Then today we got out the safety scissors and practiced cutting for the first time. He saw me sewing a Christmas stocking and wanted to get in on the action, so I had to find something cool for him to do. The scissors thing seemed to satisfy.

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He is in a bad habit of opening the refrigerator by himself and standing with the door open. Sometimes he rifles through the contents. He is like a 2 year old teenager.


Thursday, Oct. 12, 2006 at 10:34 PM

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