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birthday gifts

Jonas is napping and I am waiting for a friend to come pick me up for a little girl bonding time. I should really be doing other things but I couldn't resist an update.
I feel alot better than I did last entry. My sickness was just a one day overwhelming fatigue. I don't have dengue (phew!).
Jonas' birthday is October 25th and my mother-in-law is comming to visit us on October 23rd. So she is able to bring all kinds of goodies from the USA that I am requesting. I also got my parents to pay for some stuff I ordered for Jonas from Amazon.com.
Some of the items will be for Christmas as well. From my parents, I got him:
A school bus tent:
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Bob the Builder colorforms (Amazon.com has them!), and Bertie the Bus from the Thomas the Tank Engine series. Note to moms with Thomas fans: Bertie, Thumper, and Elizabeth the Lorry are being retired at the end of 2006.
I know that my MIL is bringing Harold the Helicopter, the Chinese Dragon car, and Diesel 10 for Jonas' birthday. I already bought him a Henry engine and Battery powered Lady engine but I might hold them back until Christmas since he is getting so much other stuff for his birthday. I don't want to sent an impossibly high precident.
Now, I know that some people will think I'm a freak, but Jonas is still breastfeeding. I am trying earnestly to wean him now. It is 1:37pm and we have already had 4 crying fits today because of me denying him "the mummies". It is embarassing and also sad but I am getting sooooo tired of nursing him. He doesn't just nurse at night, but he basically wants to do it every time he sees me sitting down. Today I was trying to play with him alot and sing songs to take his mind off of it. My next tactic I think will be to pretend that "the mummies" have an "owie" and therefore he can't touch them. We will see if it works. I really wouldn't mind breastfeeding him just to go to sleep, but I would like him to be %100 weaned by January. I never knew a child could be this attached. I kept hearing these miracle stories of children self-weaning, but that doesn't seem to be in our future.
Now you know our dirty little secret.

Monday, Oct. 02, 2006 at 1:31 PM

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