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my favorite picture

I need lots of love today. It was supposed to be my big cook-and-freeze day because I start my new night job on Wednesday and I won't have time or energy to make dinner every night. But today I feel sick...more tired actually, but the sick kind of tired. And my babysitter is still sick...we took her to the hospital again today and it turns out that she DOES have Dengue fever even though the first time we took her the test was negative.
Nick to Jonas somewhere to play so that I could have time to myself. So far I have laid in bed for an hour and got started on baking a batch of veggie burgers to freeze. I have been cooking a pot of beans for like 3 hours and they still don't seem soft. I hate cooking beans.
I got into some pictures today so I thought I would post a couple. This one is my favorite picture of Jonas. I took it this summer at my mom's house. We got the costume at a yard sale last year.

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What a cutie. :)

This next picture is all of the people who work in Laos with our organization. This was shortly after we completed "in-country training" a couple of weeks ago.

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We posed for four pictures. I always hate when someone yells out "Crazy picture!" because I never know what to do that will be "crazy". So I just feel dumb. In this picture we are all doing the Lao form of greeting, which is called a "nop" in Lao, or a "wai" in Thai. I'm sure Cambodians have a different name for it.

I'm off to go recover some more....

Saturday, Sept. 30, 2006 at 1:59 PM

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