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Where did you come from? Whare did you go?

I have been trying to "use my time wisely" (whatever that means) the past 19 days, which is why I haven't been updating my journal or reading my usual subscriptions. And also, for whatever reason, I can't access myspace on my mother-in-law's computer.
My stress level decreased a bit when Nick returned from Laos and was able to help me with Jonas. I got to sleep in some mornings and finish a little bit of school work.
Now I am taking one more class on campus and working on my thesis, which I think I present on July 24th. Graduation is July 29th. I am glad to be finished but in the back of my mind I am trying to make a strategy for my PhD. I found a program I really like in Leeds, U.K. that is a 4 year program in Asian Studies. 2 of those 4 years are devoted to langauge study, and I could choose Thai as my language. I'm not sure how I am going to pay for everything. My current plan is to work for 2 yeras and save money in Laos before I take the plunge. Apparently as a "foreign student" in U.K. my chances for getting a scholarship are less likely. I'm not sure how I will be the ideal mother and a PhD. student at the same time.
I never really had the desire for a PhD. until after I had worked in Asia for a couple of years. Then I found a subject that I feel passionate about and I feel like I have something to offer the western world. I want to study the early childhood interactions in the mother/child relationship in a rural village setting. I want to see if I can draw connections as to how the formative years mold what we think of as "eastern thought". I love people of all nationalities, but I have to say WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME, even though hippies kind of like to think that. I think differences can be appreciated and celebrated. Personally, in my life thus far I have taken what I think are the "best" parts of all the cultures I have experienced. One example of that is the infant potty training method Jonas has used. And of course I love me some international cuisine. I would assume that every one does, but a certain member of my extended family regularly complains about Italian spices, which he pronounces "eye-talian spices".

Sunday, Jul. 09, 2006 at 4:13 PM

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