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Freedom Is Near

I promised myself about 25 minutes ago I was going right to bed, but we all know how the internet robs mankind of valuable sleep on a daily basis.
When we first *got* the internet I was maybe 15 years old. I didn't really get into it at first but I was hooked by the summer before my senior year of highschool. One time my dad canceled my AOL account and made me go cold turkey. I thought I was dying. I actually had friends in my highschool that I talked to more online than in real life. Now I don't do Instant Messager anymore (I haven't in about 4 years) but I still find ways to waste time online. Mostly I start thinking about something and then I can't rest until I look it up on google. Sometimes it is stupid things like a TV show I liked in 1985, or looking on Froogle for something I want to buy, or vegetarian recipes.
My husband is comming here from Laos...his first flight left a couple hours ago and he will arrive here on Wednesday morning. Isn't that crazy how long it takes? It really is the other side of the world. Bangkok -> New York is the longest nonstop flight in the world at 17 hours. Although he will be flying alone, which will be total luxury! It would be for me, anyway. I would just read read read and eat stuff. We didn't get peanuts on the flight from Bangkok. We got rice crackers and freeze dried peas. That is why Asians stay skinny.
Tonight we watched part of Supernanny and there was a scene where a child specialist was tickling an autistic boy to try to teach him the word "tickle". When Jonas saw that he laid on the floor and pulled up his shirt for me to tickle HIM just like the boy on TV. It is amazing to me how perceptive he is, being such a little guy.
He also does these long monologues that I can't understand, but he is obviously explaining something in great detail. My dad tells him "no" alot and after an interaction Jonas came over to me and started babbling and saying "Nonono". I guess he was reinacting the conversation with grandad (aka "Yaya"). What a guy!

Monday, Jun. 19, 2006 at 10:25 PM

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