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I'm getting good at this Mom thing

My days have been busy lately. Well, not really "busy" in the sense that I am actually accomplishing alot; what I mean is I hardly have a moment to myself. I have been with Jonas 24/7 since May 30th. We are actually getting along quite well. I take my father to work in the mornings so that I can have use of the car the rest of the day. Jonas and I have gone to 2 different public libraries with nice wooden puzzle collections (and one of them had probably over 100 puppets laying about for children to play with), we have gone to play grounds, visited my brother at work (he is a carpenter), and even had a friend over for a play date (Jonas continually threw sand and toys at the playmate, but would cry whenever he walked away OR touched one of his toys).
Right now I am all dressed up in anticipation of going to church for the first time in a while, but church started 12 minutes ago and Jonas decided to start a nap about 20 minutes before we should have left. So now I am enjoying "mommy time".
We went to a folk festival last night because one of the 3 bands my brother plays in was there. Oddly enough, none of the bands were actually "folk". It was more of an indie rock feel. I went as a curtosey to my brother, but it was actually very pleasant. It took place on a farm and everyone was laying about on blankets and lawnchairs and eating free watermelon and bar-b-que. Jonas and I are vegetarian but we did partake in the watermelon. Jonas ran around, watched the bands, clapped his hands (he actually has rhythm - I'm proud), tackled my brother's girlfriend on the picnic blanket about 28 times, took a grown man's football and played with it for about a half hour, and was just adorable in general.
On the flip side, while I have been enjoying my full time mommy-ness, I have gotten NO work done on my thesis, so that is kind of nagging at me. But Nick will be here on June 21st and then I will have a couple of weeks to polish it up before it gets turned in for criticism.
Then on July 29th I will recieve my degree and be all "woot woot!". Although my family probably WON'T bring airhorns to the graduation ceremony. But that would be pretty awesome.

Sunday, Jun. 11, 2006 at 10:08 AM

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