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Crazy Neighbor

I'm in the process of organizing our new abode. I'm starting to freak out a little bit because Nick's birthday is on May 25th, then we have a work related retreat from May 26th-28th, then I leave to fly to America on May 30th. Going to the US with Jonas marks the end of me being able to get anything done. We will be visiting my family but they all have full time jobs, so I will just be entertaining Jonas in my parents' house all day...with no car. I think my mom was going to buy him a sandbox, so that might be a good diversion for about 17 minutes per day. And I won't underestimate the value of PBS. Other than that I am having a hard time visualizing how our days will be spent. I guess we will climb up and down the stairs together, multiple times. I don't like to go for walks in my parents neighborhood because there is this seriously insane man who seems to lurk in the shadows until I walk by and then he tries to talk to me forever.
When Jonas was about 1 month old I was walking him to try to get my strength back and the crazy man came out of the shadows to tell me about his mother in his past life. Apparently she had 14 kids but she wore a battery pack which gave her energy off the charts. He offered to make me such a battery pack. Then he told me about his old car which ran off of water rather than gasoline and was used to power the local highschool. He said his stepdaughter was Queen of the Greys. "Do you know what that means?" he asked me. "No" I said. "Don't worry about it," was his answer. I have to admit I was kind of offended that the crazy man was talking to me in a patronizing voice, since HE was the one with limited mental faculties.
Then Jonas started crying and the crazy man said, "He needs a teat." This was after his huge dog pee'd on the stroller.
So that is why I won't be taking Jonas for a walk in my mother's neighborhood.
Anyway, back to the present day, I want to do a little birthday party for Nick before we are separated for 3 weeks, but I'm kind of doubtful as to if I can get the kitchen in order so I can bake a cake and everything by then. Oh yeah, our Anniversary is on May 27th, during the work retreat. It is our 6th year. Remind me never to have a baby in the last 2 weeks of May. There is too much stuff packed into this month already.

Friday, May. 19, 2006 at 2:56 PM

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