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a little horse

Today Nick went on a little day trip with our neighbors to go see a Buddha in a cave. It was a minimum 3 hour drive each way.I was invited too but at the last minute I backed out because I had horrible visions of wrestling with Jonas the entire time, and then again on the 3 hour return trip (although it ended up being more like FIVE hours each way due to both bad roads and bad engine. And when I say "bad roads", I mean roads that aren't neccessarily paved and/or level).
I ended up getting a spontaneous breakfast invitation from a friend and so I ate with a "brunch" with her and then Jonas and I went to a FUN FAIR! I didn't really know what to expect other than "fun" (less it be false advertising). But it was held at the local international school and geared towards children so we gave it a shot.
Upon arrival, Jonas fell asleep while I was in line paying admission (fifty cents). After that I wandered around looking for something to do that wouldn't make me look dorky. I finally found a game that I could "play", which was basically just pay twenty cents and draw a number out of a box and if the number was taped to something on the table already, that was your prize. I won a 4 pack of single serving chocolate milk. I also entered a drawing for a free t-shirt about motorbike helmet safety. You had to be present to win, and I was the only person who bothered to go back over to the helmet safety booth. Coincidentally, as soon as I walked up they drew my name out of the box. Yay!
I also spent some money at the bake sale and just as I was contemplating going back home, Jonas woke up.
He got to play that game where you pick up a plastic duck floating in a big tub of other plastic ducks, and if you pick the special duck you get a prize. He won a little plastic turtle.
Then he did the pony ride!

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I was so proud of him for not being afraid. Our slightly older friend we were with cried her head off and wouldn't ride.

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After the pony ride was over I held him close to the pony so he could pet it and say goodbye --but he tried to throw his leg back over the horse again. We will have to do that again some time.

Saturday, Mar. 25, 2006 at 9:20 PM

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