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sick bean

Jonas had a horrible night last night. Everytime he would go to sleep, he would wake himself up with his coughing. His coughs are making him gag now and at one point he vomited. I told Nick to go sleep in the other room because I knew it would be a long night for me and JojoBean. We came downstairs and I gave him some Singulair and some water and then we went back upstairs and rocked in the rocking chair (this was about 12:30 a.m.). I think he went to sleep around 2 and I took him to my bed and I think he woke up a couple of times. Nick came in around 6:45 and laid down with him while I took a shower. I heard Jonas wake up and laugh. I guess he was surprised to see Nick there instead of me.
He didn't eat anything all day, but he is taking his medicine and doing his inhaler really well. It used to be so hard to get him to do the inhaler because it involves a scary mask and taking twenty puffs, etc., all difficult things for a toddler to see the sense in. He is a trooper!
He hardly ever rides in a car seat because we don't have a car, but we borrowed a car to drive to the doctor yesterday and he had to sit in the car seat about an hour and a half each way. He was crying and saying "all done!" and doing the "all done" sign language (because that is what gets him out of a highchair or off of the potty) it was sad that we couldn't get him out as he was communicating his desires!
I hope tonight will result in more sleep for all of us! Of course, even when he is healthy he still wakes up one or two times in the night. That is on a good night. I don't know what I am doing wrong. I follow all of the tips about having a nightly routine, do calm activities the hour before bedtime, don't turn on the light when he wakes up, don't feed him every time...none of that crap works.
Or maybe I'm just the worst mom ever.

Monday, Mar. 06, 2006 at 6:44 PM

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