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Ease on Down the Road

So I actually started my new, more productive lifestyle. So far, so good. I am now taking language lessons 3 mornings per week, so this is good. It forces me to get out of bed and clean by 8 A.M. and take a trek on the Vespa to arrive at school by 8:30. Language lessons are for 2 hours, and then I get back home around 11. Personally, I like an early lunch so I can go ahead an fix lunch for Jonas and myself. He usually takes a nap around 12, and then after about 1 o'clock that is my time to do work on my thesis stuff. And this Monday, I even cooked dinner. Attention everyone: I am officially awesome. Seriously.
So that is my new improved schedule for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
But what do I do on Tuesday mornings, you ask? After a 2 month absence, Jonas and I have re-joined playgroup. Today there were only 3 boys there (including Jonas). One of them was like 5 and the other one is about 22 months. They weren't really interested in playing with Jonas. There were tons of girls there though. I think about 7. Jonas devoted most of his time to the sandbox and a Sesame Street DVD. He also found a toy laptop computer that he liked. I might try to get him one. He is a computer freak like his momma. I have to get on the computer in secret because if he sees me he wants to "type" too. Which is disasterous and usually ends with me prying him away from the keyboard while he shrieks like a dolphin on steriods.
Anyway, other than playing with stuff, he also climbed up and down some stairs and ate some watermelon. He cried for some interesting reasons throughout the playgroup experience:
1) he threw a toy at a 10 month old and made her cry. When I picked her up to soothe her, HE started to cry too!
2) some other kid was playing with something and Jonas when to grab it. The other kid said "no" and Jonas started to cry. I was kind of shocked because the other kid didn't even try to hit him or anything. I guess I have a sensitive boy.
3) He loves brooms. He cried when a little girl took a broom from him. I guess that isn't that unusual. I just wanted everyone to know how much he loves brooms.
4) This evening we ate dinner with friends at their home. He stuck his finger in a fan, so the woman of the house ran and lightening speed to turn off the fan (she is a mom too so she has good reflexes...and his finger was in the fan but he hadn't got hurt yet). He started crying when she turned off the fan.
5) He pulled a sticker or something off of their stereo. I don't know if someone said something, but he started to cry. And then everytime someone talked while pointing in the direction of the stereo, he started to cry again because he thought we were talking about the sticker incident. So strange.

Maybe he was just having a very rough toddler day. I hope tommorrow will be a little more sunshiney.

Funny moment today: riding back from playgroup the woman who was driving us was trying to calm her crying daughter. She said "Do you want to sing a song?" I was thinking she would sing some kids song, but she sang "Ease on Down the Road" from the movie The Wiz. I didn't even know anyone knew that song other than me.

I'm getting kind of obsessed with the beer bread. I looked for other recipes online and yesterday I made "Honey Oat Beer Bread." It's so easy, I just can't help but be domestic.

Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2006 at 11:01 PM

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