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My life has been very unpredictable for the past month and a half. I'm ready to get back into routines and start being productive again. Traveling makes that hard.
We went back to Bangkok for a visit last Wednesday and just returned on Saturday night. We had a good trip. The main reason we went was that we have some friends who are there whom we wanted to visit. They were supposed to visit us in Laos but the husband was really sick so we just came to them. It ended up that he is seriously sick with Hepatitis E, which I had never heard of until now. He is staying in the hospital for some days to have various I V fluids and medications. I'm glad to be home but part of me wants to go back to Bangkok to keep my friend/his wife company while he recovers. I know she is a bit overwhelmed being in a strange place (they are Americans who work in China)and not having her husband able to play his role of family head. I know I would be distraught if Nick were incapacitated for a while and I had to make decisions by myself and also care for Jonas. Not to mention the stress of sleeping in the hospital. I guess we will just wait and see what the next few days bring for them.
While we were gone I didn't take any pictures.
I did go to the dermatologist. I haven't been to one since I was about 17. I have had acne since I was maybe 11 years old. Before that I remember having blackheads because my mom would try to pinch them and it hurt alot. My father had severe acne and has alot of scars. So I decided that I will be 26 soon so I am sick of this and ready for it to be gone. The dermatologist basically said that I have severe acne and I need strong medication which I can't take because I am still nursing Jonas. Then he also said that I need less stress in my life and more sleep (which is also impossible). I asked about reducing my facial scars and he said that the acne has to be controlled first. He gave me some topical medicine and told me not to pop my zits (I have to leave them big and pulsating for the world to see). It has only been a few days but I haven't had any big ghastly zits since then. I do have alot of red bumps but it is hard to differentiate between those and the discolored scars. It is mostly around my mouth and nose. Not much on my cheeks, and my forehead is pretty clear. I feel like the whole process is going to take years to finish. A big reason is that Jonas won't ween.
I try not to think about my face but when I am having a bad skin day I feel sad and don't like to look at people in the eye. I feel like they will just stare at my zits. I don't wear makeup.
Anyway, enough about my vanity.
In other news, I have wanted to adopt for a long time. Nick and I are considering getting started on the process soon. I think we might adopt from Vietnam. I e-mailed an agency last night that said that they can work with American citizens living overseas. I am interested to find out more about the process.
In other other news, my brother got engaged last night. Hooray!!

Sunday, Feb. 19, 2006 at 12:47 PM

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