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Post Christmas post

I have been meaning to do an update on our Christmas festivities. We opened gifts on Christmas eve. That didn't take long, because Jonas had 4 gifts, I had one, and Nick didn't have any. But don't feel sorry for him, because he just recently got a new set of golf clubs that were expensive. We both have everything we want and need, so we are hard to buy for.

Jonas got a really cute Santa hat from Aunt Jenny's mom in Washington state.

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Here he is playing with his plastic tigers, shape sorter, and train. He likes the tigers alot and carries the shape sorter around by the handle, but he isn't too into the train.

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A few minutes after gift time, Papa and Jonas had to do some work on his new bike. They were busy doing that for a while.

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At a lull in the action, Jonas went off to ride his old tricycle, and fell off of it backwards into the steps on the poarch, which resulted in some bleeding from the head, which made me feel queesy. But he recovered quickly.

The day after Christmas, our neighbor gave Jonas a little basketball goal. I had to blow up that little toy basketball myself by sticking the needle in and blowing it up with my mouth. The needle wouldn't fit on the pump.

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This is my Christmas present from Nick. There were 2 more but I ate them before the photo session. My parents gave me money, too.

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I feel like we had a fun and meaningful Christmas. I know most people get alot more gifts than we gave to Jonas, and I wonder if he will feel deprived later in life. Technically we live below the poverty line, but we don't live in America so we live very comfortably because things are cheaper here. I was reading Angela's Ashes this week, maybe you have seen the film...it is about a boy growing up in poverty in Ireland. I don't want my son to feel ashamed of being poor, or worry about being poor, or even FEEL like he is poor. I don't feel like I am poor. I really only think about it when I start comparing my lifestyle to that of richer people, or when I have to fill out some kind of form about our income. Or when we visit America and go to church, sometimes I wonder if people are pittying us. Alot of people acted shocked that we planned to return to Laos after Jonas was born, as if we were doing him some kind of harm. It makes me feel kind of bad, but then again I realize they have never worked in Laos and don't actually have any idea what it is like.

Happy New Year to All!

Wednesday, Dec. 28, 2005 at 10:18 AM

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