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Malaysia Bound

My mother-in-law is visiting us here for a couple of weeks. She arrived yesterday.
We had a busy day today; one of our activities was going to playgroup with Jonas. Today it was at a Korean woman's house. She showed us how to make dumplings. I forget the Korean name, but in China they are called jiaozi.
Jonas is starting to have issues with sharing. He doesn't seem to care much about people playing with most of his toys, but he got a little trike for his birthday and yesterday the neighbor baby was crawling over to it and trying to pull up on it and Jonas would freak out over it every time. Then, today at playgroup there was some other riding toy and he was really possessive of that. He really through a fit one time. He sounded like he was in excruciating pain. If I hadn't watched the scene unfold I might have thought he was dying. I don't know what to do to help him understand about sharing better.
Of course I sometimes wish I had my own bedroom, even though I'm married. Maybe mommy needs a sharing lesson too.
In other news, we are all taking a little trip to Malaysia for 4 days next week. I have a couple of days off from school because of the That Luang festival (significant Buddhist festival that has to do with a special temple in town), and Nick's mom is here so we decided to make a little holiday of it. I have never been to Malaysia.
Last time I went to a new place, I offered to send postcards to any of you diary readers who would like one. Joanna reminded me of this, so now I am re-extending the offer. If you want to get in on the action, email me your address.
Woohoo! Traveling rules! Collecting postcards rules on a slightly smaller scale!
P.S., It might interest you to know that postcard collectors are called "deltiologists". Stamp collectors are called "philatelists". Use it in a sentance and impress your friends today!
I once told someone I was a "bibliophile" (someone who collects books), and she gave me a horrified look and said What exactly is it that you DO to books?It made me feel dirty.

Tuesday, Nov. 08, 2005 at 11:04 PM

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