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I am going through withdrawals because I can't use my digital camera. Somehow we lost the cord that enables the battery to be recharged. The battery is quite a necessary component.
So I was looking through the pictures that I DO have on the computer, and I realized that I forgot to tell you guys about tweety.
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Tweety came into our lives on October 24th. Our landlord is an architect and he also is our next door neighbor. He always has alot of workmen milling around the place. One of them, on this particular day, brought over a bird with a broken wing that had been shot in the head with a slingshot or something (I couldn't understand the full explaination, but it was either a slingshot or an arrow. Forgive me for not yet having studied the word "slingshot" in Lao language).
He brought it over in a rusty cage for Jonas to look at. It stayed on the poarch all day and I asked our nanny what the workmen planned to do with it. She said that they were probably going to give it to the dog. That didn't sit well with my compassion-o-meter so I told her that I liked it and wanted to keep it so please don't give it to the dog to kill!
So, now we have this unexotic bird living on our poarch. I hung it up near some potted plants out there so that his poop wouldn't splatter on anything non-organic.
I emailed my mom about Tweety because she loves birds (she like, knows the names of an endless number of them; "Look! A blue-winged grossbeak!" My brother likes to make fun of her by referring to all birds as "red-breasted titty breasts"). Anyway the next day my dad emailed me a freak out email saying that Tweety probably has Bird Flu. I sent him a calming e-mail and the next day he sent an apology e-mail saying that he wrote the freak out email at 3 A.M. when he couldn't sleep and he had only heard mom mention that "someone gave us a scabby bird."
Not exactly soap opera worthy, but an episode all the same.

Friday, Nov. 04, 2005 at 8:46 PM

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