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50 things about Candice, By: my husband

I am a new fan of Clarity25, and I saw on her "about me" section that she had a "50 Things" list written by her husband. I thought "What a great idea! Who, theoretically, knows me better than my husband?" Then I "thought," "How can I use more "quotation marks" in my journal?" Okay not really but you have to agree the quotation marks were getting excessive there for a moment.
But now, without further ado...

1. She likes to give animate and inanimate objects different voices, which we then proceed to have a conversation with. Our first, Biscuit, has been going for about 5 years now.
2. Creative
3. Funny
4. Cute
5. Pretty
6. Smart
7. Once she finds something that she thinks will help Jonas, she is determined to learn everything about it.
8. Loving towards people
9. Compassionate to those in need
10. Loves to makes piles (not of poo poo) all over the house
11. Great mother to Beanie
12. So-so mother to Biscuit
13. Has a peanut voice
14. Loves animals
15. Likes to cook.
16. Enjoys eating what she cooks (and any other thing that tempts her)
17. Likes retro things (i.e. Vespas, Rosie the Riveter, etc.)
18. Enjoys photography, sewing, making stain glass windows, and other handicrafts
19. Loves to dream of different places in the world she hasn’t been to yet
20. Is doing something with her life other than working at McDonalds
21. Has read through the Bible at least twice
22. Loves reading the Word
23. Likes walking around naked in the bedroom
24. Flexible with my golf hobby
25. Always trying to find the best ways of doing certain things (i.e. infant potty training, raising vegetarian children, baby sign language, etc.)
26. Whenever there is a creative project being planned, people always come to Candice for some ideas.
27. She doesn’t really enjoy teaching at all, even though it has been her profession for the past four years.
28. One of her biggest goals is to run in a marathon.
29. She tries to go the gym at least two times each week in training for this goal.
30. She has a strong desire to adopt a child from a foreign country (she reminds me of this once every week or so).
31. An even bigger goal for her is to join the century club – those who have traveled to over 100 different countries.
32. She is currently at 8 or 9.
33. She’s a sucker for potato chips.
34. She hates asking questions to people she doesn’t know and thus gets me to do all of her dirty work.
35. She doesn’t like being asked a question that she doesn’t know the answer to.
36. She’s been a vegetarian for over 10 years.
37. She’s not an animal rights activist. As a matter of fact, I seem to remember her enjoying the Shanghai Zoo where we got to feed live chickens to Lions and Tigers. No, that doesn’t conflict with number 14.
38. She once was the voice of Bart Simpson for her dad’s radio show.
39. She worries about us being caught in a fashion warp and continue to dress the same way we do now on into the future (when the fashion has long since passed).
40. She wants to get her PhD just to have it.
41. She wants to write a book one day.
42. She drags due to lack of sleep at night but finds the energy to update her diary regularly.
43. She’s the only person I know who stops to talk to a certain homeless lady every time she sees her.
44. She loves me.
45. Our evenings often include snuggling up to a good episode of Little House on the Prairie on DVD.
46. She’s skeptical of my idea to drive back home (to America) from Laos.
47. She likes to put her foot up on the bathroom counter while we are getting ready for bed at night.
48. She learned how to make excellent sushi in about three days.
49. She loves watching all those makeover shows, no matter whether its home, car, clothing or body makeovers.
50. She’s going to be happy that I finished this tonight.

Thursday, Nov. 03, 2005 at 10:44 PM

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