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play group

Jonas and I officially went to our first playgroup today. There were 6 kids there, but only 3 of them could walk.
It was held at the home of a friend of ours from New Zealand. Her house is amazing and it has everything a kid could dream of, such as guinea pigs, a cat, a dog, a swing set, a sand pit, bikes, scooters, tons of legos, musical instruments (including 2 hand drums), tons of pillows, and floor space. Plus she is so laid back it is relaxing to be there. She actually said it was okay for someone's newborn to pee on her couch pillow. This was before it even happened. Now tell me if that isn't a laid back attitude?!
So, it was a fun and exciting day for Jonas, as he got to pet a cat and look at guinea pigs and go down a little foot long plastic slide and reach his hand into a fish bowl and pull out a fistfull of aquatic plants.
The downside was he missed one of his two naps so the early evening was a bit stressfull.
We have another playgroup tommorrow at a Canadian friend's house. She doesn't have any pets but she does have a swing set. I'm sure it will be tons of fun too.

Monday, Oct. 03, 2005 at 9:02 PM

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