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my cool cool shirt

I have been in a zombie-like state for the previous 2 days (some sort of mysterious and vague sickness that is sapping my energy). Today I actually left the house. I had on a really cool new t-shirt, but then Jonas decided he wanted to try some corn chips and he didn't chew them good enough, which resulted in a gag reflex and vomiting on my cool t-shirt. Luckily it was all completely contained on the shirt.
I also had another brush with excitement: I ate coconut ice cream on top of sticky rice.
I realized today how I am really blessed to have such a healthy and strong and intelligent baby. I saw an 9 month old today who doesn't even crawl yet, and he won't bear weight on his legs. When they try to stand him up, his legs are like 2 noodles. Jonas is so much fun now, walking everywhere...more of his little personality is showing through each day. Awww...lets shed a wistful tear together for childhood.

Thursday, Sept. 29, 2005 at 9:26 PM

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