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powerless point

My mother-in-law called hospice yesterday. My father-in-law said he felt a little better now though.
Today is my last day of an "Appalachian Heritage" class that has been making me really busy. I had a sad time yesterday because I was supposed to do a power point presentation about some research I did. I had saved the presentation on a USB drive. Well, when I got to class I put the USB drive in and it was DEAD. There was nothing on there, it won't even work at all. So I was embarassed and I had to make the whole thing all over again last night in order to present today. I felt like a big loser.
Nick's mom (mother-in-law) said she had a bad day yesterday because one of Nick's older brother's friends told her she had been a bad mom when they were kids. I don't understand why someone outside the family would feel they have the need or the right to say something like that. People can be so ugly and thoughtless.

Wednesday, Jul. 27, 2005 at 8:30 AM

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