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mo money, mo problems

Whew. I have a headache and alot of things to do.
Jonas has 2 teeth now. And he can say "buh buh buh", which sort of sounds like he is saying "bye bye" if he says it with the correct timing. Very charming.
At the risk of sounding colonial, I have a housekeeper. I have a woman come from 8-10 a.m. five days per week. She washes dishes and cleans the floor and makes the beds and sometimes watches Jonas so I can take a shower or go exercise. Anyway, I thought she liked us but apparently she just looks at us like we are big dollar signs. We are totally not rich, we only have a maid because we live in a 3rd world country. Life is difficult here. Normal every day tasks take three times as long as they do in the states. And we only pay her about $2 per day.
I have a friend visiting me right now. She lives in another city in Laos where she works in a silk clothing store. She designs alot of the clothes. She had some samples of clothes she had designed in the guestroom. Well, the maid stole them and took them to her house. Then when my friend went to the maids house to ask her to give them back, the maid pretended that she had taken them to WASH them. This was a bad excuse because 1. we have a washing machine. 2. she has NEVER been told/asked to wash our clothes before 3. they were silk, and therefore dry clean only.
She actually had washed them and made all of the colors run. What was she thinking?
I don't understand how the housekeeper lady could come to our house every day, play with my baby every day, act like she likes me, and then steal stuff. I'm hurt, disappointed, angry, and also irritated that I have to find a new housekeeper. Jonas liked her too. I hope that doesn't mean he likes evil people who steal things.

Wednesday, Jun. 15, 2005 at 8:18 PM

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