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I have been in Thailand for about 4 weeks now. I had to come here to take some classes towards a Master's Degree, and now I am at a 8 day conference for my organization that I work under. I am dissappointed because this is my first time around a computer for about 10 days, and my e-mail server is down so I can't access e-mail. Sometimes my friend and family get a little anxious when they don't hear from me for a while. Especially when they see stuff in the news about South East Asia. They get worried that I contracted bird flu or was drowned in a tsunami.
Jonas has been staying in childcare for a little while each day while I attend seminars. I come back to breastfeed him every so often. One day husband went to fetch him and the nursery lady said "he just finished his bottle!". Only, Jonas didn't have a bottle. He didn't even have a bag. I just sent him with a couple diapers and a pacifier in a ziplock bag. So, that was alarming to say the least. I felt bad that he might have drank some other mommy's breastmilk (it isn't fun to pump) and I worried that he could have drank an older baby's cow milk. But he seems fine. It has been 3 days or so.
I am ready to get back to Laos.
Jonas is getting stronger every day. He is learning to use his hands to grab stuff and put it in his mouth. He looks like he would win in fights with the other 3 and 4 month olds that we see. And he has the most adorable laugh.

Monday, Feb. 07, 2005 at 2:50 PM

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