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cheap mama

Even though the baby is supposed to be born in a few days, I can't bring myself to wash all of the little small 0-3 month outfits. I washed a couple of them, but I have this fear that the baby will weigh 10lbs or more at birth, and then he won't fit in those clothes but for about a week or so. I feel like I need to leave the tags on until I know how much he weighs, so I can know if I should return them or not. Make sense?
I am also a SUPER cheapskate. Guess what I did? My mother-in-law bought us a pack-n-play. I didn't open it. I kept the receipt. At one point, I notice that it is on sale for $10 less than what she paid for it. So, I returned the pack-n-play to Babies 'R Us and bought the same one with my store credit for $10 less. Also on that day they were giving away free umbrella strollers if you spent more than $75.00. I spent $79.00 and so scored the stroller.
I know that is a sad scheme, but I made $10.00 off of it, plus a free stroller! So, I pulled another one last night.
I had a diaper bag, purchased for $39.99. I received a coupon in the mail for %15 off any diaper bag, and another coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase. Sooo...I returned the diaper bag and then bought it again with my store credit and the coupons. I saved $11.90. So that is $21.90 plus a free stroller I have won through creative coupon usage. Am I sick?

Thursday, Oct. 21, 2004 at 10:06 AM

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