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ivanna have this baby

Guess what? I applied for WIC (kind of like food stamps for pregnant/nursing women and children under 5), and I got it! Now I get about $80 worth of free groceries every month. I have to get certain brands of cereal, milk, juice, cheese, and eggs that are approved as being nutritious. It is a pretty good deal. I am still waiting to see if I qualify for medicaid.

Funny how I live like a queen in Laos, a third world country, and then I come to America and an eligible for government aid.

My husband has applied to be a substitute teacher in the local school system. He is also cleaning houses on the side. We go back to Laos on December 22nd.

I feel like I am carrying a 10 lb weight in my belly. I am tired of being pregnant! Come out, baby!

Our power has been out for 24 hours now because of hurricane Ivan. Alot of trees fell down and we had alot of rain yesterday, but now it is beautiful. One of our trees broke in half, but it was a little tiny tree so it didn't cause any damage. We live in a newer neighborhood so the trees aren't mature.

Schools were closed yesterday and Friday as a precaution. You know, it isn't very fun to eat ice cream just because it is your duty to not 'let it go to waste'. I am at the public library right now enjoying their electricity. I was getting really irratable hanging around the house. My mom is off work too and she was getting on my nerves because she has nothing to do. She was very bored and so cooked dinner at like 4:30 yesterday.


Friday, Sept. 17, 2004 at 12:45 PM

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